The struggle continues, as I battle the difference between, Selfish ambitions and divine callings. Often kept up in attempt to relate a yes to a no, vice versa, with an “okay, go.” Pondering the glory of a Power so infinitely powerful,  That I can’t help but stop. And stare. Into the deepest abyss of my… Read More 002.


I sit alone in a room full of people. Observing as I race through countless thoughts. Thoughts of right and wrong. Where do I belong? I struggle through my placement on earth and whether my birth, Was for a purpose, Or by accident. Why, am I here. And yet that’s where it starts. Why?

be still

Be still. Turn off your cell phone Log off Twitter, I promise you, you don’t need to post another Instagram picture. Be still. It’s okay to be quiet, I actually kind of like it. Trust me, it’s okay To Be still. Call of Duty can wait. Save 2k for another day. Be still. Be. Still.… Read More be still

New Music

There is so much new music being released. It’s so hard to keep up with it all! Hang tight and I’ll try to deliever the best of the best to you! Side note: I’m starting a weekly radio show. Gonna hop on the decks and throw down a little mix for you. More info coming… Read More New Music